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Responsive web design is a must for companies

Today, responsive web design is a necessity for any company. With the widespread adoption of mobile devices, your website needs to work well on smartphones and tablets as well as computers, if you want to keep up with the competition.

Responsive websites are adapted smoothly to any screen size. This way, the site looks good and works well on any device, from computers to smartphones and tablets. Since there is no need to create and maintain a separate mobile site, you only pay for one website. As an added benefit, all updates are visible on all devices at the same time.

A genuine and reliable partner

We offer digital and print media services in Finland and the Czech Republic. With more than ten years of experience, we can handle different types of projects flexibly and effectively. We deliver responsive websites, online stores and campaign sites, content writing services, tailored applications, print media and photo and video services for various needs. 

Our team is easy and comfortable to work with. We are a genuine partner with integrity.

Concrete5 and WordPress websites

We use the Concrete5 content management system (CMS) for most of our responsive websites. Concrete5 is a modern, open-source CMS, which makes it quick and easy to design, create and update responsive websites and optimise them for search engines. As our customer, you can even edit your site’s metadata and improve your company’s search engine visibility yourself. In addition, Concrete5 makes it simple to further develop your published website.

However, we are not tied to just Concrete5. If you wish, we can provide you with a WordPress website. For online stores, we usually use PrestaShop.

We will also set up Google Analytics tracking for your site – at no additional cost.



Our Finnish office is easily accessible in Toinen Toimisto in Finlayson area, Tampere. Let’s schedule a meeting at our office or yours – however you wish.


We can also, of course, conduct business fully online. We will make everything easy for you.


We have another office in Prague, Czech Republic, in a prominent location at I.P. Pavlova Square.


We follow the developments in our field, use cloud technologies for efficient collaboration and respond quickly to your messages. As there are no unnecessary intermediaries, we are able to finish projects effectively with excellent results.

Responsive websites and online stores

Responsive websites adapt to different screen sizes and look good on any device. They are easy to browse on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

We use the Concrete5 content management system for most of our responsive websites. This makes it quick and easy to update the sites and optimise them for search engines.

Quick and optimised hosting

 We offer hosting services that are optimised for the Concrete5 content management system. This ensures that your website will load quickly. Search engines use loading speed as one factor when ranking websites in search results, and sites that load faster rank higher.


Targeted content writing

The best way to improve your website’s organic search engine visibility is to create useful content that is relevant to your target audiences and also takes search engines into account. Your content should feature your most important keywords, but avoid overusing them in a way that impacts readability.


Print media, photo and video services

We offer all kinds of print media products from business cards and roll up banners to trade show booths. We create print-ready files and deliver them quickly to a professional printer.

With professional equipment and expertise, we can offer flexible photography and videography services that meet your individual needs.